With 15 years design experience, spanning graphic, web and interaction design, I’ve been fortunate to work within several design cultures – first at a boutique design shop where design activities were in orbit until the auspicious moment of truth with the client, then at an early dotcom where UX processes were forming at the same time as the company, later at a large corporation within an established business where designs slowly ‘baked’ from the bottom up (often with excessive process/validation), and most recently, at a start up business within the same corporation where direction was top down, focusing everything towards a shared design vision and where innovation and prototyping were happening at a blistering pace. Each of these experiences have been incredibly valuable, extending my abilities, sharpening my design approach and shaping my philosophy.

I approach user experience design addressing everything with curiosity and humility, seeking what’s known and not, making sure perspective is broad while remembering instinct can be wrong. I believe discovering important constraints and intuiting anticipated needs requires more than observation or gathering stated needs – I believe it requires personal growth, decisiveness, commitment and perseverance. I believe prioritization is critical when determining what needs exploration or research and what does not, what must be figured out first and what can wait, and of course where is there strong intuition. As decisions are made, I believe making the most important, tangible to an appropriate fidelity is the best way to tell the story, elicit reaction or build consensus. I strive to embrace without defense or explanation even the most challenging insights others bring as they traverse the experiences I’ve designed. I believe knowing your audience only sharpens your intuition and refines your decision making. This is a ‘rinse and repeat’ process I apply until the the details are worked out.

I’m a designer that goes beyond the conceptual, driven to create the most intuitive, appropriate & meaningful customer focused experiences. I’m a passionate innovator, always learning new technologies and demonstrating new interactions. I’m hands on helping engineer what I envision too. I take this approach to understand technology and constraints – mainly so I can bend them, shaping solutions closer to my original intent, pushing things further than before. I believe this approach continues to make me a better designer and communicator. Most recently I’ve led multiple disciplines through innovative, world-class, award winning, Fortune 100 product incubation & development. I was responsible for the interaction design of more than 100 Microsoft hardware devices, 15 generations of value-add software features through 5 generations of Windows operating systems, contributing to 13 US utility patent applications, 6 of which are now issued for products shipping to more than 25 regions around the world.